Guitar shop handcrafts custom pieces with “bones of old New York”

An increasing amount of new construction is dotting the iconic New York City skyline. But as big buildings go up, a small music shop is working to preserve history – one guitar at a time.

Tucked away along a two-block stretch in New York City’s Greenwich Village, seemingly insulated from an evolution outside its doors, is Carmine Street Guitars. It’s one of the few shops remaining in this city that still has roots firmly planted in old New York, reports CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers.

For more than half a century, owner Rick Kelly has built the electric guitars. Kelly’s 93-year-old mother, Dorothy, keeps the books in order.

“New York City is so special,” Kelly said. “The neighborhood’s gone through lots of changes. You know — a lot of the old places, the old haunts kind of came and went. A lot of the clubs are going under.”

Even in a digital age, where production is rapidly trending toward automation, everything at Carmine Street Guitars is still crafted by hand. The sawdust that lines the floorboards at the shop were once part of New York City – old cultural landmarks, many that no longer exist.

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